Crystal clear video communications

Get face to face with customers, staff, and suppliers so you can still be there when you can’t be there

Our stable and high-quality video conferencing solutions are at the sharp end of business comms. Bring your business together, and save time and money with a video package that’s right for you.


Whether you want to implement a new system or expand an existing one, Datasharp can supply the required knowledge and equipment.


  • Enhance your training, discussion meetings, and the flow of information in your business
  • Save time and travel expenses
  • From simple desktop conferencing to full multi-party boardroom conferencing
  • Simple Integration with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Outlook


Take the complexity out of video conferencing by using our Video-As-A-Service (VaaS) solution.


  • Quick to implement and rapid return on investment
  • Scale up or scale down your video capabilities quickly
  • Integrate with your existing equipment to maximise your capability


The AV installations we design help to make the technology we install easy to use. We will provide design, on-site commissioning, staff training and comprehensive manuals to ensure that your AV installation complements the products you are using.


  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Video and Sound Re-enforcement
  • Trolleys, brackets, AV furniture
“I need a professional video conferencing solution”

All Datasharp video solutions are business focused and designed to provide clear meetings and easy to use but powerful interfaces

“I don’t want a huge initial spend”

Using our video-as-a-service system, you can connect a single desktop or entire offices. You’ll get a rapid return on investment

The benefits of video are clear

Call us to find out how you can bring the benefits of video to your business.

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