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A Client Success Story

Bristol-based Sustain, now part of the Anthesis Group has been trading since 1997 and has 50 staff. They work with major energy companies like British Gas and E.on to help them to fulfil their legislative obligations. They also conduct B2B consultancy work for customers looking for ways of making cost and carbon savings. 

“Our main concern was trying to find a supplier at a reasonable distance who would be able to come to support us if our phone system failed. “Datasharp came across as the best prospect for us by far, and I am glad to say we have been with them for many years. I’ve not found another support company in any field, particularly within telephony, who have been nearly as helpful and reliable.”

Kevin MaitlandKevin MaitlandICT Associate

The Challenge

The Existing Telephone System

The first challenge facing the team was to improve the reliability of incoming calls for what was a growing company that was outgrowing its comms.


The existing system would periodically stop receiving calls with no notification leaving the team to lose inbound calls from customers and new business.


The Solution

Datasharp helped support Sustain with the seamless integration of a ShoreTel Telephony system.


The support continued as Sustain moved to a new location in Bristol with a simple transition process that retained all existing phone numbers. 

“Datasharp was able to offer a migration solution that allowed us to move premises and to run an alternative system more or less in parallel with the new system to make sure the transition was going to be seamless. It worked perfectly, like a dream.”


Ken Maitland


The Results

Datasharp offered a migration solution that allowed Sustain to move premises and to run an equivalent alternative system to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible. 


The relationship with Sustain has continued to flourish, with continuous overnight upgrades, training and support. 

“For us, it’s a question of matching the correct platform to the requirement. We have six different telephone systems, collectively 30 different product lines in the business, and we need to listen twice as much as we talk when it comes to these kinds of things. We need to understand the business, ask the right questions, find the right solution that fits that gap, with a view to the future. The right choice for Sustain was a ShoreTel system, one of our many industry-leading partners.” 


William Wood

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