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Working with you to make the right “future proof” decisions about your communication systems

Datasharp Integrated Communications helps businesses connect through effective communication tools: telephony and VoIP systems, call management and line rental, hosting, fibre and broadband, IT hardware and software, cloud services and Wi-Fi.

“Communication in business has changed beyond all recognition over the last decade, but the need to talk remains as pertinent as ever.”

Voice, Data, Security, Mobile & Video – Bringing it all together

In reality, there are over 30 product ranges in our portfolio, but the above five are the areas we get asked about the most. Along with our network of trusted partners, we help make business communications better using one, or a combination, of all these things.

In return, our recommendations result in a happier more productive business, usually with little or no outlay and no interruption to work flow during implementation.

Datasharp helps businesses connect people through effective unified communication tools. Things like telephony, VoIP systems, call management, line rental and hosting. Also fibre & broadband, IT hardware & software, and cloud services & WiFi.

Support & Maintenance

As with all things ‘technical’ there should always be a geek on hand. If you haven’t got one, don’t worry, we can offer you one of ours! They can take care of the systems and technology that we have recommended leaving you to take care of your business, and not worry about whether your big data is backed-up or not. Ask about our monthly maintenance packages or our 24/7 support service.

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While you are busy driving your business, we’re busy watching the communications landscape, and the developing trends and techniques shaping it. We’ll work with you to make recommendations and ensure you’re benefiting from those trends, and that they are the best options for you, your business, your team, and your future overall.

In return, our recommendations result in a happier more productive enterprise, usually with little or no outlay (for upgrades), and no interruption to work flow during implementation.

Ask about meeting one of our helpful account managers who can guide you through the quagmire of modern communications.

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Did you know?

We can also help with, contact centre systems, unified communications, call management and reporting, cabling and infrastructure, fax (yes, fax), hosted VoIP, inbound call routing, data networking, WAN acceleration, loan worker protection, audio & video conferencing, VAAS and more. All with a healthy portion of project management should you require it.

We also have a comprehensive library of manuals and help files. Ask us if you would like to know more about these.

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“The trouble with multi-nationals is the sheer logistical headache of influencing change. Ideas proposed five years ago are still in development, and by the time new technology is implemented the rate of innovation means it’s out of date already. One thing that never changes is the need for effective communication from the bottom to the top. The means may alter, the ends don’t.”

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With our full service covering consultancy, project management, sales, installation, maintenance and training, Datasharp are perfectly placed to assist with all of your voice solutions needs. Contact us to find out more.

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