One Phone System. Three Delivery Models. You Choose…

a “Brilliantly Simple” solution


Want a hosted, managed service from the cloud?

Prefer to maintain onsite control?

Want a mix of both?

ShoreTel Connect is the one business communications platform that does it all.


ShoreTel Connect Desktop Client

Unique Common Platform, User Experience for Cloud, Onsite and Hybrid Unified Communications
Let’s talk user experience. After all, a phone system is only as good as the user adoption levels, correct? No matter how reliable the system is, if your end users can’t use the system, no one is going to be happy. The new ShoreTel Connect provides one, easy to use, intuitive experience for every user, on every device, from any location. Let’s start by taking a look at the desktop client as it appears after start up and through expansion.

ShoreTel Connect Collaboration & Conferencing

Brilliantly Simple Design for Enhanced Collaboration

The new ShoreTel Connect client is setting a new standard for a natural, collaborative user experience by leveling the playing field of enterprise communications and personal communications. In One click, users can escalate a conversation from an Instant Message to a call, to an online meeting, and then to a web desktop share and video. Pictured below is a preview of the new software in action:

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