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A Client Success Story

Allocate Software is a leading provider of Human Capital Management software, designed to help customers manage large, multi-skilled workforces in fast-changing environments, particularly in healthcare. Founded in 1991, the company employs more than 650 people in the UK and Ireland, Germany, Australia, North Macedonia and the Nordics.

“We are a technology business, so customers expect to be able to connect with us easily.
Different customers have different preferred technologies, so being able to plug in to
whatever software they use was vital to the continued running of our business. Thanks
to the expertise of Datasharp Integrated Communications and the versatility of GoTo
products, we can now continue inter-office meetings and customer collaboration via
high-quality remote videoconferencing.”

Nicola WoodmanNicola WoodmanDirector of Business Systems and Internal IT

The Challenge

Video Conferencing

"Last year, we wanted to find a standardised videoconferencing solution for all our global offices, so attendees could get the same ‘in-room’ experience without the need to travel. We were already using GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining from LogMeIn, so we asked what they could offer.” 

Nicola Woodman, Director of Business Systems & Internal IT

The Solution

The chosen solution was GoToRoom from our technology partner LogMeIn.


An intelligent conference room solution that teams can rely on to communicate effectively. It has everything you'd expect from an industry-leading conference room solution and much more. 

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"We help businesses become more agile through remote or hybrid working, and focus on helping them optimise the technology they already have. For Allocate Software, that meant finding a way to connect its
GoToRoom system securely with Microsoft Teams and other
videoconferencing software.”


William Wood

Datasharp Integrated Communications

The Results

Previously senior management and board meetings would involve people flying in from all over the world to attend. The GoToRoom solution allowed those meetings to continue whilst reducing overheads. 

“The interconnectivity we now have built into our GoToRoom system enables people from anywhere to connect with us via their preferred platforms. That has enabled us to carry on our business as close to normal as possible.”


Nicola Woodman

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