Unified network solutions, for a single co-ordinated point of control.

Network infrastructures are constantly growing with all types of new un-managed devices connecting. With the increased size and a lack of control of the devices and users within it – organisations have opened themselves to an increased risk of threats. The performance and security of the network has never been more crucial to the success of the organisation and its senior management.

Datasharp would like to be your partner to ensure your vital business data and systems are protected.

Why Datasharp for cyber security?

Secure the Entire Network

You can monitor everything on the network to assess behaviour for anomalous activity. This allows you to hunt, detect and respond to advanced threats in real-time.

Optimise Network Performance

The visibility and control of the network allows organisations to become proactive rather than reactive, ensuring effective management of the infrastructure and response remediation.

Achieve Security Compliance

The control of the entire network will ensure your organisation has the proven capabilities to ensure adequate protection of valuable data and assets.


  • Stop hackers using your own network as a weapon
  • A well-equipped defense against today’s sophisticated attacks giving you peace of mind
  • Take control and proactively hunt the advanced threats that have been hidden in previously dark spots of the network
  • Increased performance. Lower demand on resources
  • Real-time global overview of enterprise threat level
  • A platform that can be easily deployed into your organisation’s infrastructure to ensure the security risks surrounding your assets are managed and controlled effectively
  • Stay ahead of emergant threats and better defend your key systems
  • Flat-rate monthly fee – no nasty surprises or outlays


Neutralise the threats

We can neturalise anything acting in a rogue manner – but we can specifically help with the most common top threats below:

  • Masquerade Device – an attack that uses a fake identity, such as network identity, to gain unauthorised access to personal computer information
  • Ransomware – malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid
  • Data Leakage – unauthorised transfer of classified information to the outside world
  • Insider Attacks – malicious attack perpetrated on a network or computer system by a person with authorised system access
  • Rogue VPN – unauthorised external access to your network
  • Hijacked IoT – network security attack in which the attacker takes control of a communication

Our Promise…

Reaching Further

Our strong and long-established partnerships with our security vendors, sets us apart from the competition

Data Network Experts

With over 20 years experience, people all over the country trust Datasharp to safeguard them against the ever-increasing array of threats to their business.

A Top-Level Partner

As a premium partner, Datasharp have invested heavily in training, infrastructure and monitoring to give you the best service.

Unsure what's best for you?

With our full service covering consultancy, project management, sales, installation, maintenance and training, Datasharp are perfectly placed to assist with all of your ransomware and cyber security needs.

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