HGEM & StarLeaf Video Meetings

Company Name: HGEM
Business Sector: Hospitality
Requirement: Video Conferencing 
Solution: StarLeaf Video Meetings

HGEM works with hospitality businesses (restaurants, pubs, hotels, catering businesses) to help them measure and improve the quality of the guest experience.

Based in Bath, HGEM has clients across the UK and internationally.

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The Challenge

The problems HGEM needed to solve were: excessive travel, especially to and from London; getting the best use of people's time and being able to be in better quality and more regular contact with clients.

They were also keen to adopt remote working into the culture of the business.

Steven Pike, Managing Director, HGEM
"We'd recommend StarLeaf because we feel they're clearly leaders in this field."
Steven Pike, Managing Director at HGEM
Steven Pike, Managing Director, HGEM

The Solution

Datasharp Integrated Communications worked closely with Steven Pike, Managing Director at HGEM to design and install a StarLeaf Room System.

The solution included a high-definition camera, a large video screen paired with a StarLeaf ultra-responsive touchscreen controller and the StarLeaf app for scheduling and controlling meetings.

StarLeaf Meeting Room System
"It's really nice to be able to see someones face and feel like you're in the room with them, despite being in different places in the world."
Ella Baron, Client Relationship Manager, HGEM
Ella Baron, HGEM

The Result

Having the StarLeaf video meetings platform in place has enabled HGEM to more easily adopt remote working practices.

StarLeaf integrates with current systems (Outlook email and calendar) seamlessly allowing meeting invites to be created and sent to clients with full information and joining instructions.

Over time, the StarLeaf meetings solution will save a considerable amount of costs, especially travel costs, but will also create more focused time and enable HGEM to provide a better service to their clients.

StarLeaf Room System at HGEM
"It’s enabled us to start changing the culture here when it comes to meeting remotely and collaborating with other people. We can do more of it, more often and at short notice."
Steven Pike, Managing Director at HGEM
Steven Pike, Managing Director at HGEM

HGEM Recommends StarLeaf

HGEM recognises StarLeaf as leaders and innovators in the field of video meetings technology.

They look forward to continuing to grow and work with StarLeaf and Datasharp Integrated Communications in the future.

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