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Hobart UK

A Client Success Story

About Hobart UK

Hobart UK is the global market leader for commercial dishwasher, warewash systems and food preparation machines for the foodservice industry.   From commercial dishwashers and cooking equipment, to installation, maintenance and service contracts, HOBART is a 'one-stop' for commercial catering equipment.   Hobart provides cost-effective solutions fully supported by service and parts throughout the UK, benefiting every size and style of catering operation.

The Challenge

“The challenge was that we were a distributed company. Initially Datasharp was brought in to look at our setup and propose something new for us. We were implementing a new server system which we were going to require our regional offices to use. We were updating various technologies and upgrading to a Citrix environment across our wide area network so we essentially needed more bandwidth and some smarter routing on top of that.”   Phil Sugrue Infrastructure Manager, Hobart UK

The Solution

Initially, a ShoreTel system was deployed across 3 UK sites with a contact centre to manage the customer service calls. Those 3 sites then merged into one, allowing everything to be centralised.
After several successful years using the ShoreTel system, Hobart needed a more agile communication solution to support a growing flexible working culture.
An upgrade from ShoreTel to Mitel Connect with Contact Centre and Call Recording functionality, Firewall Security and a Mobile connectivity solution, provided Hobart with the flexibility it required and streamlined communication into a single, cost-effective solution.
"All of their inbound calls, some 59,000 minutes of calls a month, came into the business through this one 0844 number from a previous provider. Every month or two, their platform would fall down and, for the period of time when it did, business would grind to a halt and cost them money."   William Wood, Head of Pre-Sales Datasharp Integrated Communications    

The Result

"The relationship is an easy one."   “We speak to Datasharp Integrated Communications weekly, depending on what’s going on,” says Phil.   “They are very approachable, very friendly and always do what they say they’re going to do. They’re on the same wavelength as us and we know we can call on them when we want. We’ve dealt with a lot of different suppliers in the IT marketplace and when you find one that you get on with, generally you do tend to stay with them. They’re probably our best supplier.”   Phil Sugrue Infrastructure Manager, Hobart UK

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