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A Client Success Story

Award-winning 25 Bedford Row are defence specialists in crime, fraud and regulatory cases and are consistently recognised as the leading chambers in its core practice area. Chamber Administrator Jacky Chase knows that time is money and they can’t afford downtime.

“I have great confidence in Datasharp: they understand our business and know that downtime is simply not an option for us.”

Jacky ChaseJacky ChaseChamber Administrator and Office Manager

The Challenge

Reliable, Cost Effective Voice Services

Barristers often need to get hold of colleagues and clients urgently, sometimes with only a few minutes’ notice for a court appearance.

25 Bedford Row came to Datasharp Integrated Communications with the challenge of needing speedy, reliable communications that would deliver excellence for their clients.

The Solution

It was important to give staff and clients what they wanted, such as remote working and video conferencing facilities. So, in line with a recent IT infrastructure upgrade (a move to the cloud), 25 Bedford Row spoke to Datasharp Integrated Communications about also modernising their voice communications. The transition was seamless, with no operational downtime during the transition.  
The new conferencing facility also means that if the Chambers have barristers in Leicester and Liverpool, and a client in London, for example, they can all dial in and enjoy clear and reliable calls. This in turn saves money and time, two key objectives for running a successful business.  

The Results

The Chambers have benefited from a zero cost Unified Communications platform upgrade, in exchange for extended commitment to Datasharp’s professional services. This is a mutually beneficial agreement as there is no capital outlay for the Chambers, whilst Datasharp support them with an ongoing maintenance contract.
25 Bedford Row has now recently upgraded to Openscape Business which has further improved their telephone communications.

"The customer service from Datasharp is excellent and you can’t compromise quality over cost.”

Jacky ChaseJacky Chase25 Bedford Row

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