ShoreTel Connect Client

What will ShoreTel Connect (ShoreTel 2.0) look like?

First Glance at ShoreTel 2.0 & ShoreTel Connect Client

There has been huge industry buzz around the impending release of ShoreTel 2.0 (initial release expected August/September 2015) with huge leaps-forward in innovation and functionality.  ShoreTel has gained an enviable reputation for making systems that are simple to use, but technically brilliant, hence their strapline ‘Brilliantly Simple’ and what we’ve seen of ShoreTel 2.0 so far, it’s difficult to argue. With an investment equivalent to 350 person-years of development, ShoreTel are approaching a new era in leading the Enterprise Unified Communications space and Datasharp are pleased to be a Champion partner going forward. Some points of note for the new release are:

  • Everyone with a current support agreement will be entitled to the new system license at no cost, supporting ShoreTel’s ‘evergreen’ policy and lowest TCO promise.
  • Brand new ‘ShoreTel Connect’ client software.  Same interface and user-experience on PC, MAC, Web-client and Smartphone App.
  • Greatly simplified and highly secure remote access for IP400 handsets and softphone users (no VPN required)
  • Integrated HD Video Conferencing
  • ‘One-Click’ desktop sharing and audio conferencing
  • Cloud / Hybrid / On-Premise – The choice is yours!
  • Enhanced team/group collaboration capabilities

Needless to say, this is just a snippet of the advancements made within this new release, but more details will follow on official release. So, what does it look like?….. Discreet client software, expands when needed:


Integrated multi-party video conferencing:



Bring in more people as required:


Add an agenda for your meeting or collaboration session:


Businesses have accepted the mediocrity of enterprise software for many years, so this is a breath of fresh-air.  Datasharp look forward to improving the lives of users all over the world with this game-changing solution. For a pre-release demo or for more information, please contact your account manager or any of the Datasharp team.