What is SoGEA broadband?

What is SoGEA Broadband?


SoGEA is an acronym for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. It is a new broadband connectivity product that enables users to purchase a broadband connection without a phone line (voice service). The great ISDN switch-off is due in 2025. Many businesses have already switched to a VoIP telephony solution, but an estimated 2 million are still using ISDN.

SoGEA is a next-generation connectivity solution that promises quicker and easier installation, faster connection speeds, increased reliability and reduced cost. It could provide just the incentive required for remaining businesses to switch to VoIP.

Is Your Business Ready For The Big ISDN Switch-off?

Just over the horizon is one of the most significant changes in the history of telecommunications since the introduction of broadband in the 90s; the big ISDN switch off.

Due to the reduction in landline usage, BT Openreach announced in 2015 that they plan to turn off all ISDN and PSTN services and switch to an IP based telephony network by the year 2025. The change-over means receiving broadband will no longer require the installation of a traditional copper phone line to support the service.

UK businesses currently operating telephony over ISDN will need to move to an Internet-based solution for making and receiving calls. This new dedicated solution is called SoGEA, a faster, more efficient broadband service with the added benefit of potential cost savings.

SoGEA – Single Order Generic Ethernet Access

SoGEA stands for ‘single order generic ethernet access’, in effect, a ‘single broadband connection’.

Traditionally, delivering a broadband connection to an office required a phone line with ADSL or Fibre broadband installed on top of it. This has been the case for the past 30 years, but in that time, our reliance on landlines has dwindled due to the impact of mobile and VoIP technology.

SoGEA delivers Internet connectivity over a single connection that doesn’t require a phone line. It’s available now and may well offer cost savings, as paying for a phone line is no longer necessary.

Key Features & Benefits

Easier Ordering & Quicker Installations

With only one line to order, there’s no need to wait for an ISDN to be installed before ordering broadband. BT Openreach claims SoGEA will be 50% quicker to install compared to regular broadband.

Faster Speeds

IP solutions are faster than traditional ADSL broadband, with download speeds of up to 80mbps and upload speeds of up to 20mbps.


With no phone service to pay for, the monthly line rental will be lower.

Quicker Fault Resolutions

With only one supplier to contact, issues should be fixed much faster.

More Reliable Connections

No call traffic on the line means more efficient service.

How Will This Affect My Business?

diagram illustrating SIP ConnectBusinesses that still rely on traditional analogue communication services including; landlines, lift telephones, dial-in modems, fax machines and alarm lines will need to change to a modern digital alternative before 2025 in order for those devices to stay connected.

VOIP telephony is a great modern IP solution which replaces traditional landlines and many businesses have already seen the benefits including; reduced costs, improved collaboration within teams as well as the ability to scale quickly and operate seamlessly across multiple sites.

We can help extend the life of your other analogue legacy systems including tannoys, door entry systems and fax machines using SIP Connect.

SIP Connect is a service we offer that will connect your existing PSTN services to a single digital network with centralised visibility for all your on-premise devices.

What Speeds Are Available With SoGEA?

Download speeds of up to 80mbps and upload speeds of up to 20mbps are achievable.

How Is SoGEA Different From FTTC?

The difference between FTTC broadband (fibre-to-the-cabinet) and SoGEA, is that FTTC is capable of providing a data and voice service, whereas SoGEA carries data only. This difference affects the cost.

SoGEA is cheaper because it is only providing one broadband connection whereas FTTC provides two; data and voice.

If your business currently relies on an FTTC connection it’s a good idea to move to SoGEA as soon as possible.

Can I Get SoGEA Now?

SoGEA is currently available to 28 million premises with that number growing as the network is rolled out across the UK. Contact us to find out if your business can access SoGEA now.

Stay One Step Ahead

Get ahead of the big ISDN switch off by future-proofing your business with SoGEA.

Datasharp Integrated Communications can support you with everything your business needs to switch to SoGEA with VoIP – with no interruption to business continuity.

We work independently with best-in-class suppliers to design a custom-built solution that will fit your business requirements.

Book your free discovery session today.

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