Video Conferencing Considerations

If someone said to you the words ‘Video Conferencing‘, like most people I would expect you to immediately think about a camera and a screen on the wall with someone at the other end talking away.

So when considering what VC system to choose, most people concentrate on those 2 items.

I’d like to challenge this way of thinking as I personally believe they’re way down the pecking order in terms of importance.

When discussing VC requirements with our clients, we run through a full range of important topics and considerations, such as:

  • Participants – Who/where/how many
  • Potential barriers to user adoption – such as having to ‘log in’
  • Technology – Room systems/desktop/mobile.  Also, do you have any legacy equipment we can use
  • Platform – Are you open to suggestion, or do you have a strategy around using something like Cisco or MS Teams?
  • Recording requirements
  • Industry – Regulatory compliance/solutions for your vertical sector
  • Room Acoustics – Resonance/echo-cancellation/soundbars
  • Camera – Fixed or Pan/Tilt/Zoom capable. Position in relation to screen
  • Mics – Wired/wireless, desk/ceiling, location

In summary, I would suggest that the single most important thing you can do when considering a VC solution is to NOT go directly to a manufacturer for advice, as they’ll only tell you the strengths of their product.  They also often are not aware of complimentary products that are able to best-fit the customer’s needs.

At Datasharp we are proud to be a multi-vendor solution provider, who are able to bring together the best solution to fit your specific needs.  With a superb team of professionals, we are able to design, supply, implement & support a VC solution for our customers.

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