The new CIO Challenge – Millennials

The below video is a thoroughly thought-provoking piece for anyone needing to consider how to adapt to the modern ways of working, which are necessary in order to take & retain new talent and also to get the most out of their business, looking to the future. With Millennials representing a significant percentage of the workforce, businesses are looking to move with the times and ensure that collaboration and effective flexible working environments are helping rather than hindering this rapidly expanding segment of employees.

The millennial generation is one the most disruptive forces the workplace has ever experienced. As they push for alternative ways of working, information and technology executives must quickly figure out which new policies and tools can be utilized most effectively.

In this discussion with The Economist, industry experts and senior executives including Unify’s Peter Greco share insights into how organizations are re-engineering their approach to IT to empower their employees, while also minimizing costs and risks. Any of the team here at Datasharp would be very happy to assist you in tackling this challenge, so please give us a call if you’d like to discuss how this will impact your business.