StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf Video Conferencing For Microsoft Teams

Wherever you are in your Microsoft Teams journey, StarLeaf has a solution to complement your existing technology stack and help you get more out of your deployment by creating a best-in-class solution that suits your organisation.

Many organisations that have adopted Microsoft Teams are seeing growing benefits from the use of video collaboration among their colleagues. While the meeting functions in Teams are sufficient to meet these needs in some cases, such as internal collaboration, it is not an optimum strategy when it comes to supporting all types of business-critical video communications, including those with external parties.

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams allows your entire organisation to use the collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams while using StarLeaf for secure, reliable ‘best-of-breed’ video meetings. Getting started is easy. Just add the StarLeaf app from the Microsoft Teams app store.

Once installed, StarLeaf appears as an icon in the bottom toolbar of your team’s channel – right where you need it. With just two clicks, you can instantly start a meeting with the entire channel.

Great for when you need to quickly bring the whole team together. Scheduling meetings is just as easy. Plus, for anyone who can’t make it, just tick the box to record the meeting and they can watch it back later.

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams - Whitepaper

How To Build A Best-In-Class Collaboration Technology With Microsoft Teams – Free Download

This whitepaper explains how integrating the right solution can help Microsoft Teams organisations to:

  • improve business-to-business working by enabling teams to connect and collaborate with people on any platform
  • benefit from an increased choice of video calling features
  • support a greater mix of room solutions – protecting your investment without an increase in management overhead

For monthly sales updates and weekly team get togethers set a repetition so that you don’t have to worry about scheduling the meeting again. StarLeaf meetings scheduled through Microsoft Teams sync seamlessly with your Outlook calendar and automatically send out email invitations.

If your business uses multiple collaboration tools, StarLeaf is perfect for bringing everyone together. Staff can join from a meeting room without the hassle of booking. Simply connect a StarLeaf pronto cable and the meeting will appear as a green ‘join’ button. With just one touch you’ll be in the meeting and ready to start sharing your content.

For more information about StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams and to request a callback from one of our experts, please click here.

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