ShoreTel ECC iPad

ShoreTel ECC 9 Released

Enterprise Contact Centre 9 has been Unleashed!

ShoreTel have now released a new version of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center with updates driven by the needs of large enterprise customers, including enhanced multi-channel support that improves agent productivity and operational efficiency. ShoreTel’s Enterprise Contact Center is increasingly being used by large organizations who have a need to service more customers – these days in whatever channel the customer chooses to use, whether it’s voice, email, the web or a combination. As contact centers scale upward to address this need, they require more sophisticated tools to efficiently handle the traffic. Without such tools the only solution is to add more agents, which is not cost effective. Enterprise Contact Center 9 release helps to improve contact center productivity, efficiency, and reliability—

  • Enhanced multi-interaction functionality for agents when handling simultaneous interactions
  • A new statistical reporting engine
  • Support for multiple wrap codes
  • Platform updates, including support for Microsoft Windows 2012
  • Compatibility with ShoreTel software versions 13 and 14

Customer Example: “The integrated chat and email features in Enterprise Contact Center have significantly improved our productivity and reduced our costs,” said Bret Didier, manager of contact center operations at MonaVie. “In particular, with the busy holiday season we’re able to maintain a high level of customer care and satisfaction without adding staff. Advanced features such as screen pops that help instantly verify caller ID and other data have helped our agents trim up to 15 seconds per call, and with almost half a million calls per year this means huge cost savings. ShoreTel has been far and away the easiest system to deploy, the most cost-effective to maintain, and has really helped MonaVie manage growth with scalable, simple architecture and tools.”