Non-Geo Numbers

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) & Revenue Share Numbers: UK Legislation Changes

On the 13th June 2014 it will be against the law for UK businesses to force existing consumer customers to use NGN revenue share numbers. Businesses will have to provide a telephone number that charges basic (local) rate or less for them to call.

The Background

The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) was passed by the EU in October 2011 and was transposed into UK law in December 2013. The CRD comes into force in all EU member states, including the UK, in June 2014. The CRD aims to simplify consumer rights in certain important areas, mostly relating to buying and selling. One of the key changes in the directive means that UK businesses cannot charge more than a basic (local) rate call from their existing contracted customers.

Who will this effect?

It will effect business to consumer (B2C) businesses that are currently asking existing customers to call a number that starts with either a 084, 087 or 09 for after sales services such as support or billing. There are also a number of industries exempt for example:

  • Gambling
  • Finance and Insurance Services
  • Residential Lettings
  • Package Travel

What this means for you?

If your business is applicable:

  • You will need to advertise a 01, 02, 03 or mobile number (071-075, 077-079) for existing customers to call or a freephone number.
  • All revenue sharing numbers, starting 084, 087 and 09 are prohibited (087 is currently not a revenue sharing number but will be in 18 months’ time therefore it should be considered within this change).
  • You should also be aware that there is likely to be an increase in cost to use a 080 number from the summer of 2015. Take care when being recommended this option for migrations from revenue share numbers.

Steps to take to change your Revenue Share Numbers

Your options:

  • Where your business currently provides a non-geographic number starting with either 0843/ 0844/ 0845/ 0870/ 0871 or 0872 the matching 034/ 037 number will be available. For example, if you currently have 0844 123 1234 then 0344 123 1234 will be made available if requested.
  • Choose a telephone number other than the equivalent 034/ 037 e.g. a geographic number.

For more information on these changes go to If you need any advice or support to ensure you experience a smooth migration of your numbers from revenue share contact us today.