Mitel & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel Phone Systems

Introducing a new Mitel Teams integration. Datasharp Integrated Communications announces the launch of Cloud Calling For Microsoft Teams – a direct routing service which connects Mitel (and other business phone systems) to Microsoft Teams.

Mitel Business Phone Systems – Engineered For Business

Mitel telephone systems are built to meet the demands of the modern distributed workforce with a comprehensive feature set designed to improve business efficiency, at a competitive price.

Mitel’s comprehensive range of business phone systems provides a targeted call centre, unified communications and cloud communications product to fit the requirements of all customers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that enables global, remote, and dispersed teams to work together and share information in a common space. Its rapid adoption has seen it become a hub for teamwork, bringing together everything a team needs: chats, meetings, calls, files and tools. Team members can have private one-to-one chats, group chats or team conversations that are threaded, persistent and contextual.

Teams also presents a fantastic opportunity to implement a reliable, cloud-based telephony solution that allows anyone to connect with anybody, inside or outside the organisation, with significant cost savings and a reduction in hardware dependencies.

Microsoft Teams also provides comprehensive meeting options with content sharing, video and audio conferencing enabling teams to meet regardless of location. All types of meetings are possible: ad hoc, scheduled and formal with both internal and external attendees.

Microsoft Teams is the hub that brings all the Office 365 services and documents together in one single workspace. The result is an increase in productivity that comes from not having to use a suite of different applications for different purposes.

Microsoft Teams also makes it easy to customise and extend workspaces with third party apps, processes and devices that deliver significant productivity benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Calling Plans vs Direct Routing

Making and receiving external calls via Microsoft Teams requires either a Microsoft Calling Plan or partnering with an organisation (such as Datasharp Integrated Communications) to take advantage of ‘Direct Routing’ technology.

Microsoft Teams’ business calling plans are not as reliable, flexible or cost-effective as many of the phone systems (such as Mitel) that businesses are used to working with.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

With Direct Routing (shown above), your Microsoft Teams users are connected to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) through a Session Border Controller (SBC). The SBC is connected to the PSTN via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks and a range of Direct Dial Inwards (DDI) numbers for making and receiving external calls.

Why Connect Mitel To Microsoft Teams?

By combining Mitel’s enterprise-grade telephony with Microsoft Teams, Mitel users can protect their existing investment and create the ultimate unified communications solution.

Some organisations may wish to undertake a phased migration from an existing Mitel phone system to a full Microsoft Teams telephony solution. Integrating the existing Mitel system via direct routing provides a hybrid solution which allows time for users to get used to the Microsoft Teams interface prior to existing equipment being phased out.

In addition, direct routing preserves specialist features such as contact centre on a Mitel platform which can then be integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Mitel & Microsoft Teams Integration

Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams from Datasharp Integrated Communications is a new way to achieve your Mitel Teams integration. It is a complete, dedicated cloud-based telephony solution, integrated with Office 365, which integrates customers’ existing Mitel phone system enabling staff to make and receive internal and external calls securely through the Microsoft Teams application.

Both inbound and outbound calls can be made and received using any device, such as a desk phone, mobile phone or laptop, from anywhere, at any time – making it ideally suited for businesses adopting hybrid, agile and flexible working practices.

Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams enables a stand alone, cloud-based phone system within the Microsoft Teams application or connects your existing PBX phone system (Mitel, Shoretel, Unify, Avaya, or other) to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams & Mitel

Mitel & Microsoft Teams 30 Day Proof-Of-Concept Offer

To request more information about Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams and take advantage of our 30-day proof-of-concept offer, simply click here to request more information.

Our expert will contact you to discuss the details and get you setup quickly.

About Datasharp Integrated Communications

Datasharp Integrated Communications is an award-winning, leading provider of Unified Communications solutions including voice, data, mobile, video, network security, contact centre and collaboration technology for businesses of 50 – 5,000 staff.

We are a premier member of the Datasharp Group – established in 1980 – one of the longest-standing and most respected communications solution providers in the UK.

We have clients across the south of England and in Europe and our own, on-premises, 1,000 ft² Technology Suite at our Bath office, where we host regular events and showcase technology solutions for our clients. Contact us for your free comms audit or product demo.

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