Mitel and ShoreTel are now one

In exciting news recently, ShoreTel have been acquired by Mitel, accelerating Mitel’s growth and moving them to #2 position in UCaaS market globally.




What does this mean for ShoreTel customers?

In a customer assurance statement from Mike Bee (CEO, Mitel), the ShoreTel platform will continue to be cultivated and developed, as part of their growth strategy.  Ultimately, the merger with ShoreTel is for it’s platform & people, including it’s truly multi-tenanted cloud platform, it’s CPaaS platform ‘Summit’ and the multi-award winning UC platform ShoreTel Connect.

The portfolio of products and services to ShoreTel customers will increase significantly, as the complete Mitel product-set will become available, with integration being central to the development plan.  Both companies have a history of competing, but each having strengths in specific areas.

We’re likely to see cross-platform support for a number of existing handset models, giving a greater breadth of choice to the customer.  We also expect to see the strengths of both platforms merged over time to attain the ‘best of both worlds’ platform.

What does this mean for Datasharp?

Having been around since the early 80s, we’ve seen a multitude of changes, mergers & acquisitions over this time.  We’ve seen minnows turn into giants, seen giants fall, seen partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions across the board. Whilst there will be some back-end change, ultimately we’re not concerned and look forward to seeing what this change will bring.  We’ve had assurances that the product roadmap for the impending year has received commitment from Mitel and the plans long-term will emerge as time goes on.


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