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Can I move my existing phone system to the cloud?

Migrating to Cloud VoIP

Many businesses don’t think of using their existing phone system when considering migrating to cloud VoIP, but there are a huge amount of financial and operational benefits from taking this approach.  Key thoughts to consider are:

  • If your system can be virtualised (which the vast majority can, it can be made into a ‘private cloud’ UC platform, therefore leveraging all existing license costs.
  • Minimise staff training, as they’re already familiar with the system.
  • Retain investment in existing handsets
  • Move away from ISDN and migrate to SIP trunks, greatly reducing line rental and call costs
  • If you have multiple sites, you can consolidate all systems into 1, whilst also removing the concern about being dependent on any one site being the ‘master’, therefore if that site goes down or connectivity is lost, all other sites would remain up.
  • Remove the worry about up-time, as the system will be hosted in a redundant and heavily connected datacentre.
  • The transition from ‘on-prem’ to the cloud is typically risk-free, as normal practice is to leave existing on-prem systems operational during the transition, giving an easy roll-back capability in the event of a problem.

What if I want the latest features offered by cloud-only systems?

This is what all public-cloud providers want you to believe, but, believe me, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! We frequently speak with businesses who have been sold cloud systems that fall short of the mark.

I would encourage you to look at whether your UC manufacturer has additional features available, even if on an associated platform.  One superb example of this is ‘Circuit’ from Unify (see video below), an exceptionally good team-working and collaboration platform which can be seamlessly connected to customers on the OpenScape platform.

Can I re-use my existing phones?

Typically, when purchasing a phone system, the cost of the phones represents around 40-50% of the total investment, which businesses understandably want to get a good return from, rather than simply replacing.

If your business uses generic SIP handsets (such as Polycom, Yealink, Cisco, Grandstream etc), these can typically be re-used on a hosted platform, with a possible minor change in feature-set.  If your existing system uses either proprietary digital or IP phones, you will likely need to use the modern version of your existing phone system. We will be pleased to explore all the options with you and advise on the best course of action.

So, what do I do now?

Get in touch with our team for a free and impartial review of your comms services.  As a multi-vendor solution provider, we are able to match the best solution to your unique requirements.

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