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Leverage The Cloud Without Replacing Your Phone System

While more and more businesses have come to understand the advantages of the cloud and cloud-based telecommunications systems, it’s often hard to get around the fact that moving from an older solution costs money. That puts executives in a quandary: Do they put off the investment until it’s absolutely necessary and use their dollars for other initiatives, or upgrade their system now in order to take advantage of the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and power a cloud-based solution can offer?

Tools that allow remote working

It’s a decision that involves more than dollars and cents. Cloud-based phone systems provide organizations with tools that allow everyone from remote workers to call center staff to salespeople on the road to connect easily and quickly, share information and join meetings from wherever they happen to be at a given moment. At a time when sales, product development and customer service often depend on speed to satisfy market demands, cloud solutions can make all the difference to a company’s success.

But spending money wisely is also important, and that’s where SIP trunking comes in.

Bringing Cloud Benefits to Onsite Phone Systems

Simply put, SIP trunking lets companies leverage the cloud’s power without requiring them to replace their existing onsite phone systems. High quality digital voice service and full-featured unified communications become available without additional hardware costs.

SIP trunking seamlessly connects the features of your onsite telephone system with those offered through the cloud. For example, enhancements that would have required you to invest in new hardware and software can now be added without the involvement of the IT staff or the need for capital expenditures. Dedicated communication lines aren’t necessary either. All you need is a strong Internet connection take advantage of SIP trunking.

Sound technical?

Well, it is, but that’s not your worry anymore. Once you’re set up with SIP trunking, the responsibilities of making things happen in the cloud are transferred from your technical staff to your vendor. While you can administer your phone system to add or remove users or specific features, the vendor takes on the tasks associated with hardware and software updates, system maintenance and everything else that has to do with the cloud-based features you can now access.

What are some of these features? For one, your customers will now be able to reach you through a local phone number. Through the network, you can connect to any region of the country, effectively giving you a presence anywhere you do business.

In addition…

Your system will be more reliable. Your legacy solution may depend on a direct connection between you and your vendor. If something happens to that connection, your system goes down. SIP trunking allows access through multiple IP connections, meaning redundancy is built-in. Plus, SIP trunking can also improve employee productivity by removing geograhic barriers and improving collaboration no matter if your staff is in the office or working remotely.

Datasharp has some of the most well-respected SIP trunking technology and expertise available anywhere. With that comes a path to enhanced telecommunications services for companies who want more flexibility in the way they upgrade services, cut costs and lay the groundwork for the continued growth of their business.

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