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How To Setup Microsoft Teams Click-To-Call

Many organisations have adopted Microsoft Teams as a primary method of communication since the pandemic hit in 2020, but most have not yet released its full potential. Microsoft Teams Click-To-Call is an example of how Microsoft Teams can be supercharged to improve efficiency and productivity.


Using Microsoft Teams you can Click-To-Call any number from a web browser and call directly from your computer, removing the need to manually enter a telephone number. This feature helps increase productivity and streamlines the calling process. It’s ideal for organisations that make multiple external calls, especially sales teams who are prospecting new leads using the Internet.

Can I Set Up Click-To-Call?

If your organisation has Microsoft Teams as your primary method of communication both for external and internal calls then you can most definitely set up Click-To-Call using your existing calling plan.

However, if you only use Microsoft Teams for internal purposes, then it is likely that you do not have a calling plan or direct routing set up. To find out about how to enable Microsoft Teams for external calls using direct routing click here.

Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s a useful step by step guide to setting up Microsoft Teams Click-To-Call from a web browser.

Step 1: Go to your “Default Apps” on your computer

Microsoft Teams - Click To Call Instructions

Step 2: Go to “Default Apps by Protocol”

Microsoft Teams - Click To Call Instructions

Step 3: Find the following options in the left hand column: “SIP”, “SIPS” & “TEL”

Microsoft Teams - Click To Call Instructions

Step 4: From the menu, change or choose “Microsoft Teams” as your default app for “SIP”, “SIPS” & “TEL”

Microsoft Teams - Click To Call Instructions

Step 5: Your default apps will now change over to Teams as the standard option

Microsoft Teams - Click To Call Instructions

Step 6: Open up a browser and click to call the number, from the pop-up box, choose Microsoft Teams as the application

Step 7: Microsoft Teams will now open with the pop up below, click to accept to call through Microsoft Teams

Now you have Microsoft Teams set up for Click-To-Call from a web browser.

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