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How To Implement Microsoft Teams In Your Business

Microsoft Teams has a business calling option, but it’s not as reliable, flexible or cost-effective as many of the phone solutions that businesses are used to. Working with our technology partner AudioCodes, we can offer your business a fully featured, unified communications solution with Microsoft Teams at its core.

AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams is a fully managed voice service for Microsoft Teams that enhances workplace productivity, without placing additional burden on busy IT organisations. Getting started with AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams is quick and easy.

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Microsoft Teams As A Collaboration Hub

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that enables global, remote, and dispersed teams to work together and share information in a common space. It’s rapid adoption has seen it become a hub for teamwork, bringing together everything a team needs: chats, meetings, calls, files and tools. Team members can have private on-to-one chats, group chats or team conversations that are threaded, persistent and contextual.

It presents a key opportunity to implement a reliable, cloud-based telephony solution that allows anyone to connect with anybody inside or outside the organisation, with significant cost savings and a reduction in hardware dependencies.

Microsoft Teams also provides comprehensive meeting options with content sharing, video and audio conferencing enabling teams to meet regardless of location. All types of meetings are possible: ad hoc, scheduled and formal with both internal and external attendees.

Microsoft Teams is the hub that brings all the Office 365 services and documents together in one single workspace. The result is an increase in productivity that comes from not having to use a suite of different applications for different purposes.

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to customise and extend workspaces with third party apps, processes and devices and can deliver significant productivity benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Introducing AudioCodes Live For Microsoft Teams

Introducing Teams to your business requires IT expertise and resource. Proper planning is vital. For example, is your IP network capable of carrying real-time communications traffic? Integrating Microsoft Teams with your existing communications infrastructure requires specialised knowledge.

Lifecycle management requires attention, time and budget. AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams, takes care of all of this. Its portfolio of managed services eliminates the complexity associated with linking your business phone and essential tools to your Microsoft Teams set-up. And with per user, per month pricing the costs are predictable and convenient. You choose what you need and pay for what you use.

There are even additional subscription options for extra features like audio and video room conferencing, meeting insights (analytics) and call recording.

Tiered Options

AudioCodes has created three packages for Microsoft Teams users to suit different styles of business. The portfolio of solutions all come with their own range of managed services, including a per-user, per-month predictable pricing model. Options include:

  • Essentials: perfect for businesses that want to bring the power of telephony into their Microsoft Teams landscape. Includes a fully managed SBC (Session Border Controller) as a service, so that you can integrate your existing phone services and providers into Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, you can set up your own new calling plans if you prefer.
  • Live Pro: everything you need to start operating your employee lifecycle from within Microsoft Teams. This package supports busy and experienced IT professionals that need access to deeper insights. All the benefits of the Essentials package, plus cloud reporting. There’s also a self-service portal where you can manage provisioning, onboarding, and more.
  • Live Premium: a fully-managed and comprehensive solution. Everything you need to transform your Microsoft Teams experience, including: Microsoft tenant management, access to everything from user life-cycle management, to management over phones, conferencing devices, video, headsets, and more. Also, there is the option for on-premise integration with your existing legacy equipment, data, and branch services, and more.

Microsoft Teams As A Service

With AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams your business can access the full power of Microsoft Teams via a portfolio of managed services, leaving you free to focus on building better collaboration and communication experiences, without worrying about the back-end.

There’s no limit to what you could accomplish with your business phone system and Microsoft Teams fully integrated as a single pane of glass solution!

The Simple Route To Team Collaboration

We examine your current infrastructure and run the required readiness audits.

Then we structure your team’s tenant as part of your Microsoft Office 365 license subscription. We then integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure and contracts and install the needed session border controllers, either on-premise or in the cloud.

We also deploy and configure the required adapters to connect your existing fax machines, doorbell’s, factory phones, etc. into the Microsoft Teams environment. We equip your meeting rooms with audio and video conferencing devices designed to give you the best possible quality and user experience and offer a selection of IP phones and headsets suitable for different employee roles and different types of office space, as well as for use on the go or at home offices.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing & Expert Support

Pricing is per device per month, so you pay as you go and maintain control of your IT budget.

Our experts constantly monitor your Microsoft Teams infrastructure, leveraging a set of proprietary tools. Network engineers are on duty 24/7. If a fault is detected, we notify your IT Team and apply corrective measures if the issue is being caused by the IP network.

We also monitor the quality of calls to and from your communications provider, enabling you to quickly remedy any problem.

User management and administration is a key part of day-to-day operation for IT teams. With AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams, keeping up with changes is easy via the self-service portal or by contacting a support representative.

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