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How To Get The Best Audio Quality In Socially Distanced Meeting Rooms

In this post, we look at how the HDL300 microphone and soundbar from Nureva® solves the issue of poor conferencing audio in socially distanced meeting rooms.

The Post-COVID-19 Workplace

In the post COVID-19 workplace, we all need to strike the right balance between conducting “business-as-usual” and continuing to adopt social distancing.

This presents particular challenges when it comes to meeting rooms as they are, by definition, designed to enclose groups of people in a space for as long as the meeting lasts.

Of course, moving people further apart is an option, but what if some participants are joining remotely via video conferencing? Social distancing measures for those in the meeting room often moves them further away from the microphone, resulting in very poor sound quality for anyone joining remotely. There’s nothing more frustrating than bad conference all audio!

Of course, you could add more microphones to the room but that results in more cables and more clutter on the table. And who wants that?

So how can the latest in audio conferencing technology solve this problem?

Hear Every Word, Everywhere

The latest range of microphone and speaker bars from Nureva deliver a better and more reliable meeting experience for everyone. All systems work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and full room coverage means that people in meeting spaces can be distanced but still heard by remote participants.

The secret? Microphone Mist™ technology.

Microphone Mist™ Technology

Microphone Mist™ Technology fills the meeting room with ‘virtual microphones’ so voices are picked up clearly wherever they are in the space. The technology is only available with Nureva® audio.

Introducing The HDL Series From Nureva®

The HDL series of microphone and soundbars from Nureva are equipped with Microphone Mist™ technology.

The range consists of the HDL200 designed for smaller meeting rooms with microphone coverage up to 18′ x 18′ (5.5 x 5.5 m) and the HDL300 which covers up to 25′ x 25′ (7.6 x 7.6 m).

For larger areas, the HDL300 can be paired, offering microphone coverage of  up to 30′ x 50′  (9.1 x 15.2 m). Simply mount the units above the video screen or anywhere else in the room.

The Nureva HDL300 microphone and sound bar

The Nureva HDL300 microphone and sound bar

Microsoft Teams Certified

The full product range has been thoroughly tested and proven to work with Microsoft Teams. Plus, the HDL300 system is Microsoft Teams-certified – the first microphone and speaker bar Microsoft has certified for large rooms.

A Better Experience For Meeting Participants

  • Enjoy hassle-free startup for any Microsoft Teams meeting, avoiding frustrating delays
  • Stay physically distanced in a meeting room, knowing that your voice will be heard clearly by remote participants no matter where you sit or stand
  • Give remote attendees a satisfying meeting experience with consistent, natural sounding audio
  • Eliminate the need to touch or crowd round tables or ceiling microphones

A System That Evolves With You

Nureva audio’s full lineup means there’s a solution for any size Microsoft Teams Room or meeting space. And with ongoing feature updates to meet your evolving needs, the audio systems you buy today will just get better over time.

Different size meeting rooms

And there are no extra complications waiting for you down the line. When you need to change up your meeting rooms, Microphone Mist™ technology will automatically re-calibrate and adapt seamlessly to the new space.

So when health & safety protocols change, simply arrange the meeting room how you need it to be and get on with your meetings. No dead zones, just natural conversation – exactly how it should be.

Hear it for yourself!

At Datasharp Integrated Communications, we’ve supplied and installed many of these meeting room audio systems and we highly recommend them.

But don’t take our word for it! Book a live online demo to experience Nureva audio and Microsoft Teams together.

Call us free on 0800 032 8274 to find out more.

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