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Free migration from ISDN to SIP

Get it while it’s hot!

Datasharp are pleased to announce that we are offering free project management for all customers looking to migrate from ISDN to SIP.  Depending on the complexity of your existing set up, this could save you between typically £600-£2,200 of professional services.

The benefits are obvious, but for those who have had their head in the sand for the last couple of years…..

  1. Lower line rental – Save money on your ISDN line rental by transferring to SIP trunks
  2. Improved Resilience – Build in a whole raft of DR solutions for little or no cost, leveraging the flexibility of SIP
  3. Lower call costs – options to bundle in calls to UK local, national & mobile destinations, can save you up to 85% on your current call charges
  4. Flexible numbers – based in Bristol, but need an Edinburgh phone number? – no problem.  Also, take your existing phone numbers with you if you move premises

We’ve successfully moved hundreds of businesses from ISDN to SIP trunks, so have a wealth of experience when it comes to doing it properly.

We also understand the pitfalls and challenges businesses can face, so anyone considering the move to SIP should jump on this limited-time offer for free migration pro services.

Offer ends 1st Jan 2018.

Contact our sales team now if you’d like to discuss.