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Embrace Video Conferencing & Boost Your Green Credentials

In today’s business world, the ‘always-on economy’ drives increasing demand from both staff and customers who expect to be able to interact quickly and collaborate more effectively.

How can businesses meet the demand for better and more frequent meetings, save money and embrace the principles of greener, low carbon business operations?

More Meetings?

Traditional meetings are costly. Travel time is often non-productive ‘lost time’; long journeys cause fatigue and, when combined with the cost of getting there, the prospect of having more meetings doesn’t scale.

Formerly the exclusive preserve of the boardroom, improving technologies and the falling cost of equipment has enabled people to move beyond physical offices using video conferencing tools available on desktops, mobile devices and in dedicated video conference or ‘huddle’ rooms.

How do you ensure a quality meeting experience with issues like variable office bandwidth and unpredictable mobile connection speeds?
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet all these challenges and save money too?

Defy Distance!

Saving travel costs is a substantial financial benefit of introducing VC. When law firm Stone King installed StarLeaf – a solution that enabled staff to set-up and coordinate video conferences from any office or location, travel expenditure fell dramatically. Partners no longer need to travel across the country for internal meetings and the organisation expects to recoup its investment in just three months.

Great news for businesses trying to lower their carbon footprint and save money, but there are other, less tangible benefits to be had too. Staff can attend meetings they might otherwise have missed; reclaim lost travel time, hold faster, more focussed, more productive meetings; conduct interviews and record the content.

Top Tips For VC Deployment

It’s not all about the tech, though clearly, that is important.

The real key to high adoption rates is engaging users at an early stage to ensure they understand the benefits and making sure the system is easy to use. Setting-up and joining meetings must be as simple as possible, with no need to involve the IT Dept.

The range of tech available is truly bewildering. Vendors will, of course, tell you how good their solution is but are often unaware of complementary products that might better meet the customer’s needs.

A better option is to talk to a multi-vendor solution provider (like ourselves). We provide a full range of business comms solutions.

How could you adopt video conferencing to make your business greener?

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