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Compliant Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

With the advent of hybrid working, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to solution for internal and external business communication. Now, you can easily and securely capture and store all Microsoft Teams communication for analysis, training and compliance purposes.

The Challenge Of Remote Oversight

The 18 months spent working remotely proved challenging for team leaders trying to manage their customer experience teams without being able to see them or overhear their everyday conversations with customers. The adoption of video meeting software and 3rd party applications helped remedy the situation, but this has led to more platforms being used, an increase in the number of supplier relationships and concerns over compliance.

As we move further forward with hybrid working, the challenges associated with less physical oversight of employee activities and daily conversations, persist. To meet the challenges, businesses need to find a solution that keeps call agents productive, costs low and provides the tools managers need to make informed business decisions.

Introducing Powerful Call Recording & Insights for Microsoft TeamsOak Qualify

Our solution is a powerful integration to Microsoft Teams that helps organisations meet compliance requirements, resolve disputes and improve customer experience by securely capturing and storing all Microsoft Teams communication.

This one-stop-shop solution provides managers with call recording, quality management and analysis that can be used not only for daily monitoring of the customer experience but also to help improve sales and business performance.

Capture & Record Everything

Our compliant call recording solution is designed for any organisation that needs greater insight into user activity in Microsoft Teams. It’s ideal for tenants using Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants for cost-effective call-routing, or those who want more advanced contact centre reporting in addition to what Microsoft Teams offers natively.

Capture all your Teams’ conversations including incoming, outbound, mobile, video conferencing, screen sharing and chat through user-defined reports, daily dashboards and trend monitors. The accurate, relevant information can be used to drive better call management and resource allocation.

The Benefits Of Compliant Call Recording & Insights

  • Easy to use interface
  • Real-time integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Available as hosted in the Cloud
  • View call costs and employee activity
  • Compliant with PCI DSS, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID 11 & HIPAA
  • Multiple CRM integrations
  • Provided by a single supplier with dedicated support and training

Not Using Microsoft Teams? No Problem

If you’re using a different unified communications platform and would like to integrate a compliant call recording solution, please contact us on the number below and we’ll build a bespoke solution that exactly fits your needs.

Download Our Guide To Compliant Call Recording & Reporting

To find out more information about call reporting for Microsoft Teams, download the free guide here.

If you would like a free 15-minute consultation on how we can support your business with call recording and turning Microsoft Teams into a true single-pane-of-glass communications and collaboration platform for your business, call us on 0800 032 8274 or book a discovery call here.


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