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Are You Prepared For Hybrid Working?

Business leaders are adopting the ‘hybrid working’ model. Businesses who choose to implement this model will need to ensure their employees and offices are equipped with everything they need to create a successful and productive environment. To make this easier, we have compiled a FREE 20-page e-guide to support businesses implementing a hybrid working model. The guide is available for immediate download here.

The Rise Of Hybrid Working

Man at train station working on ipad and woman at computerOver the last year and a half, businesses have worked hard to adapt to the challenges of remote working, with many investing in new technology to keep communications flowing. The business response to the pandemic has demonstrated that, with the right tools, employees can work from home and, for the most part, are happy to.

With a ‘return to normal’ now on the horizon, many businesses will opt for a mixture of remote working and office working, commonly referred to as Hybrid Working”.

Businesses leaders recognise the benefits of adopting hybrid working, including reduced travel costs, fewer sick days, higher productivity and a better work-life balance. With leading organisations like PWC and Nationwide announcing their intention to adopt a hybrid working model, other businesses are expected to follow suit.

At the beginning of ‘the great remote working experiment’, businesses rushed to acquire new technology that would enable remote working. But will the technology that has served businesses well throughout the last year continue to work effectively when employees work from the office once again?

For the most part, the answer is yes, but with some important caveats.

Questions Worth Considering:

  • Will office communications systems that were in place pre-pandemic, continue to provide a return on investment?
  • How can we ensure the security of our company network when some staff split their time between working from the office and working at home?
  • Can we connect our existing meeting room equipment to our chosen video meetings platform?
  • How can we ensure we make the best possible use of the office space we have and ensure employee working environments are safe?

Prepare Your Business For Hybrid WorkingHybrid Working Guide held in hand

Our knowledge and experience of the ever-changing communications marketplace combined with long-standing relationships with best-in-class technology providers have allowed us to gain insight into the challenges that lay ahead.

Now, we’ve distilled that insight into a 20-page guide entitled “How To Prepare Your Business For Hybrid Working”.

In this comprehensive and practical guide, we discuss the benefits of the hybrid working model, examine the operational challenges that will need to be addressed and offer solutions to help your business adopt this new way of working.

The guide is free and available for immediate download here: datasharp-ic.co.uk/hybrid-working-eguide


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