Top 5 Network Security Considerations for GDPR

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A Quick Overview With so many businesses buzzing around trying to figure out the what/who/where/why/when around GDPR, Datasharp have been getting heavily involved in the network security aspects of this heavily enforceable change. For the benefit of anyone who’s been living in an isolation chamber for the last 6 months, here’s the main headlines around what GDPR can mean: Customer data that is not adequately …

Don't bottleneck your users from accessing your lovely new Gigabit Internet connection

So, you’ve got Gigabit Internet access…..

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Now, what about your firewall? As you’ve no doubt noticed, over the last couple of years the rise of Gigabit Internet connection has been enormous, with providers offering a variety of fibre gigabit internet connections (some better that others) and businesses have quite rightly jumped at the opportunity. For those lucky SMEs who are achieving huge speeds for less than the cost …


Use SWARM to add Value to your Proof of Concepts

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The SonicWALL Application Risk Management (SWARM) report is a snapshot in time of the different threats that have been identified and blocked by your SonicWALL Next-Generation firewall (NGFW) appliance. SWARM displays a critical network summary of application and user based data that includes top application traffic, top users, top URL categories and session counts to give insight into the traffic …

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Sonicwall for SME Businesses

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Why choose Sonicwall for SME businesses? For businesses with 1-500 staff, Sonicwall for SME offers the market-leading solution for protection against the constantly evolving threats our there today. Giving you peace of mind against: Viruses Malware Ransomware Staying ahead of the ‘network security‘ curve can be a daunting subject for any business, which is where we come in.  We offer …

Latest 3 network threats facing SMEs – How FWaaS can help

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  1. SMEs are now the prime target for Ransomware “Smaller to mid-size businesses have not historically been the target of cybercrime but in 2015 something drastically changed,” says Toni Allen, UK head of client propositions at the British Standards Institute (BSI).  Enterprise-level businesses now employ significant network security policy, making them harder to penetrate. Typically, SMEs purchase network security …