Considerations before moving to hosted VoIP

Will Wood Blog

Should I go Hosted VoIP/Hosted UC? …This is a question we hear every day of the week. Hosted VoIP/UC providers do a great job of telling you all the benefits and brainwashing people into thinking it’s the only way forward, but not discussing the downsides. It’s worth mentioning at this point that we at Datasharp are agnostic, as we have 7 VoIP capable …

ISDN-SIP Migration

Free migration from ISDN to SIP

Will Wood Blog

Get it while it’s hot! Datasharp are pleased to announce that we are offering free project management for all customers looking to migrate from ISDN to SIP.  Depending on the complexity of your existing set up, this could save you between typically £600-£2,200 of professional services. The benefits are obvious, but for those who have had their head in the sand for the …