Don't bottleneck your users from accessing your lovely new Gigabit Internet connection

So, you’ve got Gigabit Internet access…..

Will Wood Blog

Now, what about your firewall? As you’ve no doubt noticed, over the last couple of years the rise of Gigabit Internet connection has been enormous, with providers offering a variety of fibre gigabit internet connections (some better that others) and businesses have quite rightly jumped at the opportunity. For those lucky SMEs who are achieving huge speeds for less than the cost …

World Cyber Attack

A Business Guide to Ransomware

Julie Blog

Ransomware has become the most talked about security threat following the ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack that hit the NHS, Spain’s Telefónica, FedEx and Deutsche Bahn, along with many other companies worldwide in May 2017 that caused so much chaos. With thousands of posts being published you probably don’t have the time to read them all, so we’ve decided to help you …


‘Four Pillars of Network Security’ series: Part 2 – Behaviour Monitoring

Julie Blog

All you have to do is read the headlines to know that the conventional approach to IT security is failing. The rising number of security incidents globally reached 1,792 with nearly 1.4bn data records being compromised and billions of dollars lost along with reputations irreparable damaged. That is a year on year rise of 86 per cent and a clear …


Datasharp attends InfoSec 2017 with Rebasoft

Julie Blog

Are you attending InfoSec 2017? Datasharp are attending InfoSecurity on 6th-8th June 2017 with our new security partner, Rebasoft. At the event, At the event, we will be showcasing how we can mitigate modern network risks with Rebasoft’s security solutions for ‘Unified Network Access Control’ and ‘Network Behaviour Threat Detection’. We welcome anyone to come to our stand (K68) in …

Network Security

‘Four Pillars of Network Security’ series: Part 1 – Network Visibility

Julie Blog

For years, the security industry has debated whether outsiders or insiders pose the biggest risk to your network. Today, this argument has become moot as the network demarcation boundaries have been blurred and the threats are all around us. Hackers are finding gaps before you do It is getting harder to know who, and what, is on the network accessing …