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Meeting room stress? Take our test

Julie Blog

9 in 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings. In 2016 an independent research from Vanson Bourne and Barco in which 1,000 office workers across the UK, US, France and Germany who run, present at or attend meetings were interviewed, tackled the issue of “meeting stress”. Want some insights in your own meeting behaviour? Do this quick test and …

Conference Room

Is it possible to have a clutter free meeting table?

Brad Snow Blog

We’ve all been there…… Trying to keep the flow of a meeting going, but suddenly needing to scrabble over/under meeting room tables to access one of the 2-dozen cables you need at that very moment. And still, the one you need is never available, or old and shoddy. At Datasharp we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things you …