World Cyber Attack

A Business Guide to Ransomware

Alana Wise Blog

Ransomware has become the most talked about security threat following the ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack that hit the NHS, Spain’s Telefónica, FedEx and Deutsche Bahn, along with many other companies worldwide in May 2017 that caused so much chaos. With thousands of posts being published you probably don’t have the time to read them all, so we’ve decided to help you …


A Beginners Guide to Call Recording and Compliance

Alana Wise Blog

In this educational piece, we look at what the law says regarding call recording and financial transactions and how Oak’s solutions can help you tick the right boxes. Compliance is a murky subject. A casual glance presents the uninitiated with a series of rules and regulations that can seem at once critical and yet apparently contradictory. Some state that certain …

Cloud Computing

How Cloud Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Alana Wise Blog

The growth of cloud technology over the last few years has been remarkable. In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal. By the end of 2015 it’s estimated that 90% of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud service. The reason for this kind of rapid growth is quite clear: cloud helps businesses address their objectives. But …

National Innovation Award

Datasharp awarded with Unify’s National Innovation Award

Alana Wise Blog

We at Datasharp are proud to annouce that we have been awarded the Unify National Innovation Award 2017. We were awarded this accolade for our creativity in delivering unique cloud based solutions. We were applauded as being years ahead of our competitors in delivering proven cost effective, feature rich and resilient end solutions that are more compelling than traditional hosted offerings.  …


‘Four Pillars of Network Security’ series: Part 2 – Behaviour Monitoring

Alana Wise Blog

All you have to do is read the headlines to know that the conventional approach to IT security is failing. The rising number of security incidents globally reached 1,792 with nearly 1.4bn data records being compromised and billions of dollars lost along with reputations irreparable damaged. That is a year on year rise of 86 per cent and a clear …


Datasharp attends InfoSec 2017 with Rebasoft

Alana Wise Blog

Are you attending InfoSec 2017? Datasharp are attending InfoSecurity on 6th-8th June 2017 with our new security partner, Rebasoft. At the event, At the event, we will be showcasing how we can mitigate modern network risks with Rebasoft’s security solutions for ‘Unified Network Access Control’ and ‘Network Behaviour Threat Detection’. We welcome anyone to come to our stand (K68) in …

Network Security

‘Four Pillars of Network Security’ series: Part 1 – Network Visibility

Alana Wise Blog

For years, the security industry has debated whether outsiders or insiders pose the biggest risk to your network. Today, this argument has become moot as the network demarcation boundaries have been blurred and the threats are all around us. Hackers are finding gaps before you do It is getting harder to know who, and what, is on the network accessing …


ShoreTel Launches UK Connect Cloud

Will Wood Blog

ShoreTel has announced a major expansion of its cloud offering in the UK with the launch of Connect CLOUD and Connect Contact Center for CLOUD. ShoreTel UK Connect Cloud The full UK roll out of the cloud versions of ShoreTel’s hugely successful Connect software follows 15 months after they were initially introduced in the US. The company said the launch meant …


ShoreTel partners with Starleaf

Will Wood Blog

A new partnership has been announed between ShoreTel and Starleaf to provide enhanced video conferencing capabilities onto the ShoreTel Connect UC platform.  Starleaf are now a full ShoreTel technology partner and have integrated into the new ShoreTel Connect platform to further enhance the video conferencing capabilities available to ShoreTel customers. “ShoreTel is focused on creating a holistic and intuitive user …