Don't bottleneck your users from accessing your lovely new Gigabit Internet connection

So, you’ve got Gigabit Internet access…..

Will Wood Blog

Now, what about your firewall?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, over the last couple of years the rise of Gigabit Internet connection has been enormous, with providers offering a variety of fibre gigabit internet connections (some better that others) and businesses have quite rightly jumped at the opportunity.

For those lucky SMEs who are achieving huge speeds for less than the cost of a 10Mbps Fibre circuit 4-5 years ago, it removes a big headache about thing like offsite replication or allowing streaming of radio or “will I have enough bandwidth to support video calls?” etc etc.

The reality is that the knock-on effect of having such vast throughput needs to be thought through from many angles, not least of which being the network security appliance (firewall), sitting between your users and the big-bad-world of the internet.

When you look into the technical specs of any security appliance, you’ll likely find it quoting different amounts of ‘throughput’, depending on how many features it’s running.  Back in the 20th century, ‘firewalls’ were created to block/allow traffic through ‘ports’, based on fairly straightforward criteria.  However, nowadays they’re also scanning the data traffic in real time (such as Sonicwall Capture), determining threat levels, optimising throughput, de-encrypting/re-encrypting, reporting, alerting, synchronising with client antivirus scanners, managing Wide Area Network connectivity……the list of functions goes on and on.

Over recent months, we’ve spoken with an increasing number of businesses who found themselves in one of 2 categories:

  1. Didn’t realise their firewall wasn’t scanning the traffic for threats, but rather just relying on the client software to catch viruses/malware/ransomware.
  2. Didn’t realise their firewall was now the internet ‘bottleneck’ and was being maxed-out, therefore preventing real-time traffic (e.g. voice/video) from working consistently.

Ultimately, both of the above can lead to some very serious business implications.


Enter – Security ‘as a Service’

Don’t buy a firewall.  There, i said it!

Businesses should nowadays be consuming network security and cyber security ‘as a service’.  And not just at the edge of the network, but also monitoring behaviour of the network devices to protect the business.  You can also implement layers of protection outside the premises, stripping-out unwanted traffic before it gets to the edge of your network.

The beauty with the above, is that you can scale-up, scale-down, add/remove features and services as you go along, without any capital outlay.  You just view it as a vital (and I do mean vital) opex cost to the business, but never have to worry about whether your systems are up to scratch, need more processing power or are generally doing their job.  That’s our job!

Are your systems 100% up to date?  How confident are you that they’ll catch the latest threats from cyber criminals?

Why not have a chat with one of our team, so we can let you know how this works and how we’ll ultimately save you time & money by moving your outdated firewalls over to Datasharp’s Firewall/Security as a Service .

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