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Meeting room stress? Take our test

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9 in 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings. In 2016 an independent research from Vanson Bourne and Barco in which 1,000 office workers across the UK, US, France and Germany who run, present at or attend meetings were interviewed, tackled the issue of “meeting stress”. Want some insights in your own meeting behaviour?

Do this quick test and detect your meeting room stress level

1. When preparing for a meeting, have you ever taken the time to ‘rehearse’ with technology first?

a. Always! And I also have an alternative projector foreseen as a back-up.

b. Never

2. Do you love presenting during a meeting and find sharing screens easy?

a. No, the complexity of all that technology freaks me out.

b. Presenting is my second nature!

3. Have you experienced meetings not starting on time due to attendees struggling with adaptors or cables in order to connect?

a. All the time, it annoys me terribly. My biggest frustration at work.

b. No, it doesn’t bother me at all. I have a ClickShare in my backpack.

Most of your answers are

A You have a high meeting technology stress level. You are afraid to enter a meeting room unprepared and have IT support on speed dial. Read our tips and be amazed. New technologies are not your enemies. On the contrary, they can make your life a lot easier!

B You have no meeting stress at all. You are the Meeting Technology Wizard. You live and breathe tech stuff. Meeting room technology does not freak you out. You are the exceptional one out of 10 employees that embrace meeting room technology.

Click your stress away with some key take-aways

  • Less cable, more connection
    44% of our survey respondents believe that the absence of cables in a meeting room will make meetings easier. Wireless technology is a must when increasing efficiency and speeding up decision-making in your meetings.
  • More devices, less hassle
    44% of the respondents believe that sharing from any device should make meetings more productive and that includes sharing content from your own mobile phone or tablet. Be connected and collaborate faster with the right digital tools, fit for BYOD.
    • Less frustration, more productivity
      70% say technology failures create frustrations, which can lead to a loss of credibility for the speaker or brand. Boost the confidence of your employees, especially when presenting to customers. Decrease the 12% of businesses lost due to technology issues.
    • Less tools,  more efficiency
      Introduce wireless presentation systems to share content from different kind of devices on your meeting room display. 51% of our respondents believe in the power and effectiveness of technology that works with the touch of one single button. No more cable frustration to get a projector going, no more calling IT for help and no more missed deadlines and wasting time.

Let us know your results by tweeting us @DatasharpIC and if you need any help with creating a stress-free meeting room, contact us today on 08000 328274.